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About Me

  • Grew up playing 5 sports during high school (Football-Basketball-Soccer-Track-Baseball)

  • Completed Degree at  Minnesota State University-Moorhead in Exercise Science

  • Graduated with Minor in Business Adminstration

  • Continues to motivate others in the spirit of achieving peek performance every day

  • Family

  • Fitness

  • TRX Suspension Trainer Certified

  • USAW Level 1 Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Water Personal Training Certified

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • NFL Combine Prep Knowledge


 Nate has used his education and experience to help service numerous individuals from ages 4 to 83 years old. Nate played basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and ran track during his high school years. He went on to play football and run track during college at the Minnesota State University-Moorhead. During that time he successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. With no hesistation Nate began his training career immediately following college. 


 Nate has trained many clients for weight loss and overall body compostion. He teaches, motivates, and actively listens to gather all information before laying out the plan of action. Nate has also worked with various athletes from organizations such as National Football League (NFL), National Basketball D-League, Major League Baseball (MLB), and U.S. Olympic Team members. He has successfully developed youth kids in the areas of strength, coordination, speed, body compostion, and confidence. Working with many levels of Collegiate Athletes, he is constantly gaining knowledge through continuing education seminars and workshops with Master Trainers from around the country. 


He believes in adding variety to the exercise schedule. Simply meaning not doing the same exercises week after week; month after month. Training can take place anywhere as long as the individual has a heartbeat! In-home or inside the cofines of a fitness facility. Customized workout programs that offer progression or small group routines that provide workout partners, either way Exercise Wins! 


A Few Professional Athletes Trained by Nate:

My Belief on How to Train Athletes:










Achiceve custom made program to fit your lifestyle and any equipment you already have at your home. Its time to use those Dummbbells and Resistance bands that you have stored in your closet. We are going to plug in the treadmill, bike, and or ellipitical to burn calories either before or after work



It's fun to work with people in small groups too! Everyone uses each other's energy to get the best results possible! 


Summer is coming up and group workouts are becoming more popluar to help with cost and alleviate boredome. Let's get to it! 

  • Add me to your Skype list and let's get to work

  • Sessions by virtual command

  • Fun, Fast, and Easy!

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