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"Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that as of this morning, after about 4 years, I'm down 55 lbs. Thank you so  much for your helpfulness, friendliness, and encouragement!" Kathryn Hoglund, Stay home mother of 2. 


"I've come a long way in the training with you I went from going to be a JV player next year to varisty. I thank you a lot" Michael Ebert, Football Player High School.


"Always love your workouts you know how to push me past a point I never thought I could go. Love the variety you offer!" Stephanie Thornton-Peterson, US Armed Forces and Fitness Specialist.


"You push your clients beyond seemingly impossible limits..While still boosting their self-esteem" Dominique Mazloom, working mother and wellness coach. 


"One of the best in the business! Loved working out with you when I was lucky enough to get the chance" Jaimi Bredemus-Wilson, mother of 3. 


"I love the variety (keeps me guessing on what he is gonna come up with next), the encouragement eventhough I maybe getting old and washed up! The attention to detail on every move (which is important when you've had 2 knee surgeries" Rachel Flenner, Universtiy of Minnesota. 


"Love the variety and challenge you add to everything and that you know 100 different ways to activate each muscle in the body" Kacie Graving, Tri-Athlete.

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